Boat compound

The club has a large, turfed boatpark just west of the clubhouse which is equipped with water pipes and hoses at various locations around the park, secured gates to the carpark and also to the beach adjacent to a ramp over the shingle. When there is sufficient space, members can store trailers at the end of the compound but storage of boats is always given preference.

Members are expected to keep the space around their boat in good order, cutting the grass under their craft and ensuring that tie-downs are secure. The general maintenance of the park is managed by volunteer working parties of members who mend the fencing, clear and rubbish and cut the grass between the lines of boats. Members are required to insure any craft left on the park and to comply with any security measures such insurance demands. Boats are left on the park at the owner's risk and the club will not accept responsibility for any mishaps that ensue. However the boat park is fairly sheltered and a there is plenty room to rig and to mess about with things like spinnakers in relative safety.


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