The clubhouse

Worthing Sailing Club has a well appointed clubhouse with spacious changing rooms and hot showers on the ground floor including baby-changing facilities. Upstairs are the main bar and galley which have large picture windows opening onto a balcony to allow non-sailors to watch the action at sea. The balcony is a popular location in the summer for a drink, a chat and friendly discussions about tactics (much more fun than a protest flag).

The race office is situated above the bar and galley with a panoramic view of the beach and water which enables the race team to manage the race (they will spot you cheating) and oversee the safety of those on the water. The race office also houses the VHF radio base and flags which communicate with the partol boats and sailing boats on the water. 

Underneath the clubhouse are the storage facilities for the club's patrol boats, marker buoys etc.which are kept in a state of readiness for any emergency whilst the club is occupied.

The clubhouse is open every Sunday from March through December and on Wednesday evenings during the summer months when sailing activities are scheduled. Members can access the ground floor facilities during the day all year round. 


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