2016 Committee

Richard John


Sandra House

Club Secretary

Mel Jupp


I took up sailing in 2009 after moving to Worthing from London with my husband Nigel. It seemed obvious to us that to make new friends by the sea we should join the sailing club so came along to an open day.  30 mins on a Dart 16 got us hooked but we were advised that being "heavyweight" we should sail a Dart 18 so we we went off and bought one on eBay without even seeing it - not to be advised by the way!! Since then we have been encouraged and helped so much by the more experienced sailors at the club and now travel to events around the country - as much for the social side as the sailing! As treasurer I try to ensure that we keep costs down and income up so do my bit by propping up the bar at every opportunity!

Rob Garcka

Sailing Secretary

I started sailing when I was 7 back in the sixties. We were members of the Catamaran Yacht Club and an uncle had built us an Optimist on which my brother, sister and I taught ourselves how to sail. From there I started crewing on the catamarans at the Cat club to eventually, once I had started work at sixteen, buying my own Dart 15 to race. I then moved on to Dart 18 follwed by the F18 racing against the best cat sailors in the world.  I have raced offshore on a trimaran and competed in three Fastnet races. I also windsurf when its too windy for cat sailing.

I see my main role as Sailing Secretary is to organise club sailing programme and encourage people to improve their racing skills.

Crystal Coad

Membership Secretary


Patrick Palmer

Sailing Co-ordinator

I’ve been sailing since 1971 but had a gap of about 44 years in between, or so my current form would indicate.

I currently have a Dart 18 and a laser. I am more of a “…taking part is the main thing…” rather than a “…win at all costs…” sort of person.  I find myself relying on this philosophy quite  a lot.

Simon Palmer

Boat Park Manager

I learnt to sail in a mini-sail on holiday in Wales and since then have had the sailing bug and sailed whenever possible. Since I’ve joined Worthing Sailing Club I’ve found it a very friendly club with a fantastic membership, as a member of the committee with a young child I’m keen to help to run the club so that we can introduce more members to the joys of sailing and racing while also trying to improve my own standard of racing against some serious competition!

Darren Reeves

Bosun & Assisting Boat Park Manager

I joined the club in 2013 as I used to sail Lasers as a schoolboy and thought it would be great to get back into the sport after 25 years and also to get my two sons involved. I mistakenly thought sailing was just like riding a bicycle, once learned, never forgotten. Well after being rescued several times by the safety boat and other members of the club, it struck me how friendly this club is and how the more experienced sailors are happy to help you improve your skills. Now I have the chance to give something back by being on the committee.

Tracey Parker


I began sailing in September 2012 when I attended an adult sailing class under the guidance of Richard John !!! one hour in a Pico with Richard and I was hooked !!! I was fortunate to be asked to crew with Mark Coad in 2013 and won the outstanding novice awarded at the 2013 award ceremony !!! I think Nigel Jupp had a lot to do with that !! I crewed for mark again last season and also took part in the Tall Ships from Falmouth as well as crewing at Cowes in the Arrow Trophy for Simon Palmers old school Radley. I was the first woman in their 150 year history to crew for Radley and we came 5th out of 25 yachts.

I can be found in the bar at every social event and often help out behind the bar when not sitting at it !!!!! as I conveniently only live over the road I am often last off the balcony on a sunny day !!!

Gail Young

Bar & Social

Hi I have been a member of Worthing sailing club since 2007. During this time I have helped with the running of the galley and organising the social events. I have enjoyed doing this and hope to get more members involved in the social events that we run at the club. If you would like to share any ideas or you would like to do a social event or take part in anything on the social side to the club send me an email or come find me at the club and we can see what we can do to help. During the sailing season last year I decided to join in the adult training and I now can rig and De-rig my boat and sail!! But I do it with fun in mind, I'm never going to win races but I just want to enjoy sailing on a non competitive scale.

Neil Young

Bar manager

Guy Lean

Kier Co-ordinator

My role is primarily looking after the club house and it's assets. responsible for maintaining a high level of quality service at the property site in order to ensure club members and guests are satisfied with their experience while visiting the establishment. I am your "go to person" if there are any faults or ideas you have to improve the infrastructure and maintenance of the building.