Windsurfing activities

More than 10% of the WYC membership are windsurfing members. Add to this the members who sail and windsurf and you have a thriving section within the club. Since most of the windsurfers are interested in freestyle sailing and improvement of their skills, the club tends to focus on providing facilities (showers, bar and food) and a social venue for the windsurfers. However, Worthing has hosted the British Funboard Association events in the past.. We have also had visits from the travelling windsurf club Ocean Motion and have been pleased to offer them temporary membership and use of the club for the duration of their stay.

Other events include the windsurfing social extravaganza with the prerequisite house music, windsurfing videos, tequila and Mexican food for such an event. - watch the bulletin board for details.

The windsurfers here are a friendly bunch and are always happy to help out beginners with advice and tips on technique. Windsurfing involves a long learning curve and everyone seems to remember it well. Since many of the windsurfers sail all year regardless of sea and air temperature they are a hardy lot (verging on lunatic) who are used to the Worthing shore dump which can be ferocious. They will be pleased to keep visitors right about where and when to launch - just ask.

If you are a regular windsurfing visitor at Worthing and you have not yet visited the club, why not come in and see what we have to offer next time you are here.


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