Worthing Sailing Club Rules & Byelaws for 2014

Name and Object

  1. The name of the club is WORTHING SAILING CLUB and the burgee of the club shall be a blue flag defaced by a horizontal white wavy stripe and a gold sun.
  2. The object for which the club is formed to promote and facilitate the sport of sailing, in accordance with the rules and guidelines as prescribed and amended periodically by the Royal Yachting Association.


  1. Any person whether the owner of a sailing craft or not who is keen and interested in sailing is eligible as a candidate for membership.
  2. The club on the recommendation of the Committee may in General Meeting elect Honorary Members.
  3. Every candidate for membership, if possible, shall be nominated by one member and seconded by another member. The candidate’s name and address and any other particulars the Committee may require shall be sent to the Honorary Membership Secretary.
  4. All membership application forms received by the Membership Secretary will be handed to the Committee for their consideration. The Committee will hold a Simple Majority Vote at their discretion and their decision will be final.
  5. Any members desirous of retiring form the Club, shall notify their intentions to the Honorary Membership Secretary on or before the last day of March otherwise they may be liable for the next year’s subscription.
  6. Every member on joining the club undertakes to comply with the rules and bye-laws of the club. Any refusal or neglect to do so or any conduct which in the opinion of the Committee is either unworthy of a member or otherwise injurious to the interests of the club may render that member liable to expulsion from the club by the committee.
    A Sailing Member will be defined as a member who actively sails, promotes the sport of sailing and, if over the age of 18, completes the mandatory sailing duties as assigned by the club.
    If a Sailing Member fails to sail regularly or, if over the age of 18, fails to undertake their duties, the Committee , at their discretion and having taken into account any mitigating circumstances, may re-evaluate the member's membership category and voting eligibility.
    Any such misdemeanour being brought to the attention of the Club shall be investigated by a Flag Officer who may take whatever immediate action is required and/or such incidents if deemed necessary to the Committee. The Committee shall call on the member for an explanation of their conduct and shall give them an opportunity of explaining their behaviour or resigning their membership. Relevant action shall be at the discretion of the Committee. The vote on a resolution for expulsion shall be by ballot and the resolution shall only be carried if not less that three-quarters of the members on the Committee present vote in favour of the resolution.


    1. The Annual Subscription is payable upon election to the club on the 1st March each year. Members at a General Meeting shall agree the amount of the Annual Subscription and Annual Boat Park Fee.
    2. A New Member may be admitted to any type of membership after the 25th June, on a pro-rata subscription, as the Committee shall in its absolute discretion consider proper.
    3. A Full member shall be aged 18 years or over: if married, the membership shall include, spouse and children under the age of 18 years old when the subscription is due, or, if single, shall include a partner co-habiting at the same address.Full members shall be entitled to use the amenities of the Club. The amenities of the Club shall include entry into such competitions that the Club decides to promote for the benefit of its members, excepting those competitions that an additional entry fee is charged.
    4. A Student member shall be aged 18 years or over and be a full time bona-fide student attending a recognised academy and shall be entitled to use the full amenities of the Club.
    5. A Junior/Cadet member shall be aged 12 years or over and under the age of 18 years and shall be entitled to use the full amenities of the Club.
    6. An Associate member shall have previously been a member of the Club or a recognised Sailing Institution or shall be elected at the discretion of the Committee and shall not be eligible to use the sailing facilities of the Club, but shall include a spouse if married or a nominated partner co-habiting at the same address.
    7. A Temporary member shall be a visitor to the Club and shall include the use of the full amenities of the Club. Temporary membership shall be for a maximum period of seven consecutive days. No person can be a temporary member more than four times in any one membership year.
    8. No member shall in any membership year be entitled to exercise any rights or privileges of membership until the subscription for that year and all arrears (if any) are paid. Members renewal applications not received within eight weeks of the renewal date will result in the removal of their name from the list of members and loss of boat park space.
    9. If at any time any compound fees or membership fees payable to the club by any member or former member shall be three months or more in arrears:
      1. The Committee shall be entitled to move that person’s boat(s), trolley(s) and/or trailer(s) to any other part of the premises without being liable for any loss of or damage to the boat(s), trolley(s) or trailer(s), howsoever caused.
      2. The Committee shall be entitled upon giving three months notice in writing to the member or former member at their last known address shown in the register of members, to sell the boat(s), trolley(s) and/or trailer(s) and to deduct any monies due to the club (whether by way of arrears of subscription, compound or facility use fees or otherwise) from the net proceeds of sale before accounting for the balance (if any) to the member or former member.
      3. Alternatively, any boat, trolley or trailer, which in the opinion of the Committee cannot be sold, may, upon such notice as aforesaid, be disposed of in any manner the Committee may think fit and the expenses recovered from the member or former member. Any arrears as aforesaid shall be deemed to be a debt owing to the club by the member or former member.
      4. Further, the club shall at all times have a lien over the member’s or former member’s boat(s), trolley(s) and/or trailer(s) parked on the club’s premises or club compounds in respect of all monies due to the club, whether in respect of arrears or compound fees or subscription or otherwise. Where a member is in arrears with the payment of monies owed to the club by at least six months, the club may in any event take possession of the member’s boat(s), trolley(s) and/or trailer(s).

Officers of the Club

    1. The officers of the Club shall consist of a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear-Commodore, together with such other officers as shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year to hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.  The retiring Officers shall be eligible for re-election except as stated in sub-clause C)
    2. No candidate for election to any office, other that the retiring officers, shall be proposed unless the name of such candidate, their willingness to stand and the name of their proposer, shall have been sent to the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
    3. The positions of Commodore, Vice-Commodore or Rear-Commodore may not be held by one member for more than three years consecutively.
    4. Duty Officers ie. Flag Officer, Race Officer of the day, are required to accept responsibilities as defined in the Racing Programme, Club Rules and Bye-laws.

The Committee of the Club

    1. The Committee shall consist of not more than twelve and not less than six members including the officers of the club; four of the twelve members shall retire by rotation and shall be eligible for re-election at each Annual General Meeting.
      At least 60% of whom shall be full sailing members and (if possible) at least two lady members shall be included in the Committee. Five members of the Committee (which include the Officers) shall constitute a quorum.
    2. Candidates for election to the Committee shall be the four retiring from the Committee who may offer themselves for re-election and such other members of the Club whose nominations duly proposed, seconded by members of the Club, together with the candidate’s willingness to stand shall have been sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
    3. If the number of candidates duly proposed and seconded exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled the election shall be by ballot.
    4. If the number of candidates for election is equal to or less than the number of vacancies to be filled then all candidates shall be deemed to be elected provided two thirds of those present at the Annual General Meeting, and entitled to vote, vote in favour of such election of each candidate.
    5. The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt members as it deems necessary.
    1. The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club according to the Rules and Bye-laws and shall apply the funds of the Club to the object of the Club.
    2. The Committee shall make such Bye-laws and Regulations as they think fit as to the management of any Club premises and sailing or racing activities (these will be displayed on the Club’s Official Notice Board)

Honorary Auditor

  1. At the Annual General Meeting each year a member shall be appointed as Honorary Auditor whose duty it shall be to audit the Accounts of the Club for the then current year. In the event that he is unwilling or unable to act, the Committee shall appoint a substitute

General Meeting

    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on some day in January to be fixed by the Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall at least seven days clear before the date of such a meeting, post or deliver to each member notice thereof and of the business to be brought forward thereat.
    2. The Committee may, on giving fourteen days notice, call a General Meeting of the Club for any specific business, the nature of which shall be stated in the summons convening the meeting, and discussion at such a meeting shall be confined to that business only
    3. The Committee shall also call a General Meeting on the written request of twelve members of the Club.
    4. At a General Meeting of the Club each member present who is aged 18 years or over, other than an Honorary member or an Associate member, or the Spouse or Nominated friend of a member, shall be entitled to cast One vote; Honorary, Associate, Junior/Cadet members or Spouses or Nominated friends of members shall be entitled to attend a General Meeting but shall have no vote. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
    5. The quorum for all General meetings shall be 20% of the total membership entitled to vote, rounded down to the nearest whole number.
    6. Where the member has provided the club with an e-mail address, the meaning of post or deliver shall be deemed to have been satisfied by use of the e-mail adress given.
  1. The Committee has the power at its discretion to invite persons to become President and Vice-Presidents of the Club, on such terms as it shall deem fit.

Appointment of Trustees

  1. The property of the Club is and shall be vested in Trustees who shall hold office until death, resignation or removal as hereinafter provided. The Committee shall have the power to remove any of the Trustees and all vacancies occurring by removal should be filled by appointment at a General Meeting. Vacancies occurring due to resignation or death shall be filled at the same or next Committee Meeting. The number of Trustees shall not be more than four or less than three. The Trustees shall have the power to invest or borrow money and adopt such measures as may appear to them necessary in the interests of the Club subject to the approval of the Committee and the Trustees shall deal with the trust property as directed by the resolution of the Committee (of which an entry in the Committee Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence) and they shall be indemnified against risk and the expense out of the Club property.

Club Bar

  1. The maximum permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquors shall be:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 11:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
    Friday and Saturday: 11:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs.
    Sunday: 12:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs.
  2. The supply to the Club of intoxicating liquors shall be under the sole control of the Committee who shall arrange for the purchase thereof on behalf of the Club and supply thereof to members at such prices as shall as far as possible (after payment of Excise Duty) prevent any loss accruing to the Club. The Committee shall cause an account of all purchases and receipts to be kept and shall at every Annual General Meeting present a report and financial statement for the preceding year. The Committee may appoint a Sub-Committee, responsible to the Committee to carry out these duties.
  3. Members of visiting Clubs and Associations and their guests may, at the discretion of the Committee be admitted to the Club premises and intoxicating liquor may be sold to them by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on the Club premises provided that, under the provisions of the rule no such members or guests shall become members of the Club or be admitted to the privileges of membership.
  4. No person under the age of 18 years or appearing to be under 18 years of age shall be allowed to purchase or consume intoxicating liquors on the Club premises. Proof of age may be required. The Club reserves the right to refuse to serve any person without giving a reason for the action.

New Rules, Amendments and Alterations

    1. Notice of any alteration or addition to the Rules intended to be proposed by a member of the Club shall be given to the Honorary Secretary, in writing, at least 28 days before an Annual General Meeting at which the same is to be brought forward, and full particulars of any such proposed alterations or additions shall be sent out in the notice convening the meeting.
    2. Any cases occurring, but not provided for by these Rules of subsequent Bye-laws, shall be referred to the Committee whose decision shall be final.
    3. All proposed alterations or additions and any amendments to them, which may be proposed and seconded, shall be put to the vote of the meeting. Provided that a show of hands, or if demanded on a poll, a majority of two thirds of the votes cast is in favour of any proposed alterations or additions or amendments, then the same shall be deemed to be carried.
  1. The Club is of a non-profit making nature. It does not permit distribution of club assets, in cash or in kind to members or third parties other than Charities or other sports clubs registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs and any surplus income or gains are reinvested in the Club.
  2. If the Club is dissolved, any assets remaining at the time of dissolution shall be used for approved sporting or charitable purposes, i.e another registered Community Amateur Sports Club, a registered charity or the sports’ governing body.

Worthing Sailing Club Bye Laws

  1. NEW MEMBERS - Persons applying for membership will not be admitted without an interval of two days between their nomination and acceptance.
  2. BOAT HANDICAP LIMITATION – No boat with a handicap rating in excess of PN 1400 will be accepted in the Club
  3. CLASS LIMITATION – The Committee may, at its’ discretion, limit the number of boats in any one class in the Club to sixty.
  4. NON-MEMBERS – Must be accompanied by a member of the Club and must be signed into the visitors’ book and may not use the racing facilities of the club. If wishing to compete in club racing, a day membership fee must be paid. This facility being restricted to four occasions only in each club year. Members must not lend their keys to any other person.
  5. BOAT PARK – Boat park spaces will be allocated by the Committee on receipt of the application and including one month after membership renewals are due, or on receipt of application from new members. Spaces may not be allocated to boats not sailed in the previous year. Members may also apply for a second boat park space to be allocated at the discretion of the Committee and if space permits. All boats are to be secured to the ground whilst store in the Boat park – failure to secure a boat may result in its removal from the compound. All trailers, trolleys and similar items are to be stored only on the member’s allocated space. Halyards should be fastened loosely to the rigging or in such a way so as not to slap against the mast. Boats not entered into the Winter series MUST remove their mast by the last weekend of November.
  6. The use of hoses in the compound may be forbidden during periods of water shortage. Motor cycles, cars, tents and dogs are not generally permitted in the boat park. Members must ensure both gates are locked when they are or appear to be, the last to leave the boat park. Whilst the Committee endeavours to secure the compound, neither the Club nor the Committee can accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any persons or property howsoever caused. Failure to comply with these bye-laws may result in removal of the members’ boat from the boat park.
  7. SEAWORTHINESS OF BOATS – The Sailing Committee or an officer of the Club shall have the right to inspect all boats for seaworthiness and buoyancy and shall have the power to bar the use of any boat in the club considered to be in either respect. Compliance with class rules may not considered adequate for dinghies sailing at sea and buoyancy test may be required to be carried out by the owner at the discretion of the Committee. Whilst the ultimate decision to go afloat rests with the Helm, the sailing committee or an officer of the club may recommend that a boat does not go afloat where weather conditions have prevented club races being held.
  8. CLUB BAR -
    1. Drinking up time allowed is TEN minutes.
    2. Off-Sales may be permitted during licensed hours and must be removed from the premises during those hours (including drinking up time)
    3. No credit facilities will be given and cheques from club members will only be accepted when accompanied by a valid bank card.
    4. Service will be refused to any person(s) considered to be unfit and such person(s) may be asked to leave the premises.
    5. Drinks must not be taken off the premises.
    6. Notwithstanding anything in Rule 6, no member may exercise any privilege until two days have elapsed since his/her ratification as a member.
  9. CLUB SAFETY BOATS AND COMMITTEE BOATS - No person under the age of eighteen years shall helm a club Safety Boat or Committee Boat.
  10. CLUB TRACTOR - No person shall drive the club tractor unless they are the holder of a full car driving licence.

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