Terms and Conditions of use of Club House for Private Parties

1.     Applicants must be aged 18 or over and a member of the Club.

2.     Cost of use of the Clubhouse for a Function is £50 per bar staff (2 recommended for over 50 people attending).

3.     Cost of £60 for a cleaner after the Event.

4.     The costs shown in 2 and 3 are to be paid in Cash to the Club 14 days prior to the Event

5.     In addition a refundable deposit of £100 is to be paid 14 days prior for any breakages / damages to the property and will be the sole responsibility of the user. Should any damage occur to chairs, tables, lamps, windows, doors, glass or fabric of the building, the user will pay on demand to the club the full amount necessary to make good suchdamage. The user is responsible for returning the premises in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the function. All rubbish is to be placed in the bin outside the Club and we also ask that you remove all personal items.

6.     We regret no Confetti, Silly String or similar items can be used.

7.     No alterations to the interior or exterior of the club shall be undertaken by the user or any of his / her guests. Decoration must not interfere or damage in any way the fabric of the clubhouse. This includes the use of drawing pins, Sellotape or Blue Tak on painted plaster or drawing pins on wooden surfaces.

8.     The user is at all times responsible for the control and supervision of the function ensuring that persons attending behave in an appropriate manner showing due consideration to local residents.

9.     The user must ensure that guests entering and leaving the premises do so in an orderly and quiet manner showing respect and consideration for the Clubs residential neighbours. The user will be held responsible for the noise level during and after the function and the South facing door in the club house lounge is to remain shut during the event. However, this door must be unlocked during the event.

10.  All wines, spirits and soft drinks must be purchased through the club. These cannot be bought on to the premises and cannot be purchased through the In House Caterers.

11.  No underage drinking is allowed. Persons involved in such activity will be asked to leave the premises. This will also apply to anyone found buying drinks for an underage person.

12.  The Club must not be sub-let or hired to any other group and the user must be present throughout entire length of the event. The hours agreed must be within the hours stated on the Club Premises Certificate.

13.  The maximum number of persons normally permitted within the club is 150 without furniture and 100 with furniture.

14.  The Function must not be advertised in any way whatsoever whereby members of the general public may be induced to attend. The only people entitled to attend shall be the user his/her/their personal friend(s) and bona fide members of the user's organisation.

15.  No sale of tickets for the function, or payment for such tickets shall take place and any entrance to the club or upon any part of the club premises.

16.  The club does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to.

a)    Any property which the user or any other person may bring into the club in connection with this event or otherwise

b)    Any vehicles left on or near the premises

c)     Presents for any celebration

17.  The Club drinking times published in the Club Premises Certificate must be observed at all times

18.  All Food enquiries are to be given to the In - house Caterers for first refusal. Any food bought on to the premises is purely at the risk of the member using the club. The Member is to place a sign on the buffet table to indicate which Caterer supplied the food. If an external Caterer has been appointed, there is no access to the Galley for food preparation or any other use.

19.  Smoking is strictly not permitted in the Club House, Balcony and grounds. The user must ensure all guests are aware of the No Smoking Policy.

20.  The user must be fully aware prior to the event of the Fire Procedures and Evacuation Plan.

21.  The terms of the Clubs Premises Certificate must be adhered to at all times and the Certificate holder must be notified of the attention to hold a function and the user will liaise with him regarding the fire evacuation procedures.

22.  A Committee Member must be present or oversee the event and must be made aware of any person or child with a disability in the event of an evacuation.

23.  Please note that we operate a cash bar only and please inform all your guests

24.  Just to make you aware we operate a dignity at work policy at the club. Anyone using threatening behaviour or abusive language will be asked to leave the premises.

25.  Any Band / Disco that performs at the Club will be asked to produce the following certificate prior to the event and these must be current and in date at the time of the event Public Liability Insurance Certificate PAT Certificate. This is to show that all equipment used is in good working order and constructed so that they do not pose a risk to others walking nearby.

26.  Any Band / Disco booked must be given clear instructions of access to the Club and met by the person holding the Event at the Club. Any food required by the Band / Disco is provided by the person holding the Event.

27.  An estimated number of guests attending is to be given to the Social / Club Secretary 7 days prior to the event.

28.  All party enquiries are to be sent to the Social Secretary who will bring to the next Committee Meeting. The Committee will vote either for/against and the Social Secretary will notify you the decision. The Committees decision is final and no reason will need to be given for a refusal.

29.  Childrens Parties are permitted and this will be for no more than 20 Children. There is to be 1 Adult per every 5 Children. Point 28 also applies.

30.  All Children are the sole responsibility of the parent and must be supervised and well behaved


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